foto: Pinkywood

Concert: Pink Room, Youff & Eastwood

Pink Room:
"Pink Room do not shy away from the volume knob. They are part of the louder spectrum of upcoming bands in Ghent, Belgium and describe themselves as 'noise punkers'. Their musical journey has rounded it's first year anniversary and has already captured the attention of a lot of Belgian promoters. Their music is dirty and mixed with poppy accents and strange hooks."

"YOUFF started out in 2015 as a duo. With their fair share of shows under their belt and the release of four albums, they have proven their ability to play all different sorts of venues and line-ups. From playing the biggest mainstream venues such as Ancienne Belgique, De Kreun and Absolutely Free Festival to the more underground scene such as the Recyclart and Magasin 4.
YOUFF just finished recording their fifth album. This time they collaborated with Michiel De Naegel on vocals and musician, painter Arjen Verswijvelt on guitar."

Ze waren met te veel om ook nog naast Lucy, Arno en Marvin te schilderen op het Oostends stadhuis. Al tien jaar in de business en nog altijd niet moe. Ze onderhouden met trots de repetitiekotschimmels van de OHK in hun longen. De punkscene van Oostende samengevat in één band: Eastwood.





Jeugdhuis OHK


  • vrijdag 13 december 19 20:00 uur


zaal elysee
christinastraat 188400 Oostende


€ 5,00 (Basistarief: 5,00 €; ADD: 8,00 €)
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