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Rosangela Arreaza & in kunsthuis Artine !

I began to study again, at the Arts Academy of Bruges in Belgium, getting fully inmersed in the European artistic world, through its wonderful museums which I visited avidly. Anyhow, I found myself more connected to the modern and comtemporary art but the trayect to this conclusion was very enlightening and enriching to me. Due to this fact, I stopped the studies at The prestigious Art Academy of Bruges, that implements a very diciplined and classical education, very attached to the traditional cannons of the extraordinary european art, and I got enrolled at The Art Academy of Knokke, MAAK also in Belgium, where I felt deeply connected with its innovative pedagogycal model, open to all kinds of experimentation and its great respect to my artistic individuality.





  • van maandag 19 augustus 19 tot zondag 25 augustus 19


Kunsthuis Artine
Kursaal Oosthelling 68400 Oostende


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