Exploring Waters

Boudewijn Dupont
Open every day from 14:00 until 18:00 except on Tuesday and Wednesday or on appointment via +32(0)475/97.67.06

Vernissage: Saturday September 4the from 19:00 until 22:00 upon invitation

Aquatic ecosystems are critical components of the global environment. In addition to being essential contributors to biodiversity and ecological productivity, they also provide a variety of services for human populations, including water for drinking and irrigation, recreational opportunities, and habitat for economically important fisheries. However, aquatic systems have been increasingly threatened, directly and indirectly, by human activities. In addition to the challenges posed by land-use change, environmental pollution, and water diversion, aquatic systems are expected to soon begin experiencing the added stress of global climate change.

Boudewijn Dupont is a nature photographer and found his mission in life by fighting against Global Warming and Animal Extinction. He expresses himself through his fine-art Nature Photography. Boudewijn likes to share his best fine-art images with the general public during national and international exhibitions and likes to support relevant charities.



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