Just a girl

Ludo Knaepen
ludo Knaepkens en Paul Kenens
Confrontatie van twee kunstschilders

Ludo Knaepkens - Hoogstraten - 1962
My favourite examples are Norman Rockwell, E. Hopper, Gil Elvgren and comics from Spirou Publishers, Tintin, … Not only my passion for oldtimers, classic racers, trucks, vintage motorcycles and pinups is an important source of inspiration, but also contemporary images or events, old photos, memories, music and lyrics can inspire me. Often I make compositions of images or I mix my models with a strange, unexpected background. The own use of colour combined with working with pixels makes my work graphic, sometimes even photographic from a distance. The entire image feels very lively and almost three-dimensional due to the appropriate use of colour. But besides the canvas I also experimented with other materials, such as vinyl records as canvas or creating work in mixed media.

Paul Kenens - Wilrijk
'My subjects are people from my immediate environment. If it is not myself, then it can be children or woman on whom I can notice a splitsecond movement, attitude or characteristic that appeals to me and I exaggerate and amalgamate it with new elements or a strange angle.

Sometimes I look for a contradiction or a conflict that gives some paintings a surrealistic touch. I paint in a (hyper-)realistic style with oil paint. The composition is painted over several times. Layer over layer the painting acquires depth, the desired saturation and a detailed form'